Collective Prosperity, Colombia

Collective Prosperity, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

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In November, 2007, we facilitated and designed a cross-sector dialogue in Bogota, Colombia, involving representatives from many streams of Colombian life.

Leaders from government, the political establishment and its opposition, companies, trade unions, media, universities, and other civil society groups met in order to experience whether or not they could and wanted to work together to bridge age-old divides, and if so, to begin thinking together about the practical measures they could undertake together to move the country forward.

The resounding response from those gathered was a powerful consensus that indeed, differences can be the basis for co-creative initiative. This meeting has followed on from scenario work we did a decade earlier in Colombia and led, in 2009, to a larger, long-term effort to construct a national agenda for Colombia and to achieve real progress on that agenda’s essential points.