Castle Borl, Slovenia

Castle Borl, Slovenia

Slovenia, Europe

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In 1996, I began to work with IDRIART (the Institute for Intercultural Relations through the Arts) and its leader Miha Pogačnik. IDRIART is an international organization that hosts people of differing and often conflictual cultures to meet in the presence of the arts. When people work together surrounded by the arts, the level of interaction transcends the political, economic, and emotional habits that drive conflicts, allowing participants to meet and work together as fellow human beings with a shared understanding and purpose. 

Castle Borl, Slovenia, has been the site of IDRIART festivals and conferences since 1995.  It is a “culture incubator” where visitors meet and work both artistically and practically together in a context of the big questions facing humanity today. Our activities at Borl flowered in the early 2000s, when thousands of people visited its yearly festivals.  Today, IDRIART is negotiating the terms of a permanent lease with the local and Slovenian governments.    

Borl is where our community creates the world it wants to live in, hands-on and in the present: from agriculture to culture, Borl is a model for us to continually evolve.  The heart of the Borl vision is that every human being is a spiritual being with untapped and unlimited potential, and that we must learn to see this concretely and to harness our potential in physically creating new cultures and societies.  

In 2009 I became an IDRIART “Ambassador” as a integral part of the global community supporting IDRIART’s work at Castle Borl.